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process + policies

You want to get things underway, or you've already gotten the process started with me. Please be sure to read these policies below.


You can either start a conversation with me by filling out the contact form, or email  As we buckle down to particulars, I'll send you a quote/proposal detailing your request, complete with a mood board that highlights a combination of your aesthetics and mine.

After the proposal is updated/agreed upon, I can then provide you with an invoice for the required 50% deposit. Please note that the remaining balance may change from the initial invoice if anything along the way that wasn't originally in the quote. I'll never move forward with a change without first informing you if there are any additional fees. Once I receive your signed acceptance of the proposal and your payment, then you're locked into my production schedule. Whoohoo!

Payments are made in three installments: (1) initial deposit of 50%; (2) a 25% deposit to move things from approval to production, and the invoice is updated to reflect any changes that were noted/made during the designing process—additional mockups, quantity/paper changes, or any other elements that have changed the scope of the initial invoice; and (3) the final 25% payment before items are shipped to you or mailed out (if Tea Jam Studio is handling the mailing).​​

Failure to pay within the projected timeframes forfeits the right to receive the work on time.


Once I have received your deposit, you'll receive a comprehensive timeline within a few days' time detailing and delineating when you can expect initial proofs to be sent your way. This timeline will provide you with a link where you can submit your wording. Once you receive this timeline, that's when everything gets started! Unless otherwise discussed and depending on your desired completion date/reasonable completion date as well as the scope of the project (if it's designed off something already within my work or if it is completely customized), it takes upwards of about 7-21 days to send you the first round of proofs. This allows time for me as your designer to carefully create your designs in a manner that allows the creative juices to flow, and allows me to determine if something needs to be adjusted. Everything else after that proceeds much quicker!


Rush timing and digitized products are not included with this timing and will be discussed with you.

Depending on the scope of your project, a typical order with a design from the suites provided in my collections can take about 2-4 weeks from the beginning of the order purchase to the day it is delivered to your doorstep, whereas a typical fully-customized invitation order will take 5-12 weeks to reach your doorstep. Please keep in mind that these processes are dependent on how quickly Tea Jam Studio receives responses from you. You'll typically receive a response within 24 hours of sending an email. If there are changes to be made during the proofing process, you will be updated on how these changes might alter timing. Please allow 1.5 to 2 extra weeks for letterpress, foil, and engraving printing.

Rush pricing is based on the nature of the project and based on when the final product is needed. If your invitations are needed within a certain time frame, rush fees will be discussed.


Depending on the type of project, you'll be given notice of how many free rounds of proofs are included in your project. Each additional round of proofs thereafter will be at a reduced hourly rate. Therefore, be sure to check, double check, and triple check that everything is correct! Keeping all requested changes consolidated into one email so as to keep things organized is ideal. Please refer to policies regarding cancellations during this step. Once we begin proofs, I don't allow outsourcing. I also do not allow fully designed elements to be sent to me for printing purposes.

If you would like to handle printing services yourself to reduce costs, I can provide final files for you with crop marks or with a bleed. Tea Jam Studio will not be held responsible for the final quality of your prints if you choose this option. If you would like digital files of your final designs so as to send them to guests digitally, I can also provide final files for you.​​


If you would like that Tea Jam Studio provides this service to you, then you will receive a guide on how to set this up. Please send your list  at your earliest convenience, with as complete a list as possible. You must submit an address spreadsheet or document in the format as provided, per the guideline and sample spreadsheet that you will receive.


Tea Jam Studio cannot be held responsible for misspellings of guests names or incorrect addresses. Please double check that all the spelling and addresses that are submitted to is correct.

If you wish for Tea Jam Studio to assemble, stamp, hand cancel and send out invitations on your behalf, fees will apply depending on the scope of the assembly process. Before these are assembled and mailed, you will receive a full version of the invitation suite for you to approve of the mailing process. Changes cannot be made to the printing of the invitations, or to the layers of the invitations (if layered) without additional fees at this time. This sample will be yours for to use as you wish for photography purposes. You will receive an agreement for this this process, and mailing will not be completed until the terms of the agreement is signed. Although the agreement policy will go over this in greater detail, Tea Jam Studio cannot be held responsible for invitations that don't reach guests. Once the envelopes are submitted to the US Postal Service, Tea Jam Studio is not responsible for them reaching their final destination, as the postal service can sometimes lose envelopes in their system. 


If you don't wish that Tea Jam Studio does the mailing or the calligraphy for you, the invitations will be sent to you unassembled (unless they have layers), and you will be provided with a sample invitation suite to refer to for assembly purposes.




The process to order your Day-of stationery is the same as ordering invitations but should begin six to eight weeks before the event. Not to worry, I understand that inevitably there are last minute changes, but contacting me this early helps to get the basics out the way and get designs started! As day of stationery varies greatly and can be unpredictable, pricing is subject to change and is therefore approximated upon discussion based on the direction of how your day will be executed. A 50% deposit is required to begin the designing process at this stage according to the most basic needs for the day-of stationery. Tea Jam Studio will always keep you updated pricing as the process continues. Once all designs have been approved and all information has been finalized, a final invoice will be presented and the remaining balance must be paid before delivery of the final items. Please refer to the payment policy policy for any cancellations.



Time, materials, and resources are dedicated in the creative process of your design once your initial deposit has been received. Below, please find the non-negotiable terms:

  • CANCELLING BEFORE OR DURING THE PROOFING PROCESS: If you wish to cancel your order, you must do so within 72 hours of placing the initial deposit in order to receive a full refund. After 72 hours have passed, you will receive 75% of your initial deposit. If you have already received an initial proof and you wish to cancel your order, then you will only receive 50% of your initial deposit. If you have received your final proof but wish to cancel your order, the initial deposit is non-refundable.

  • APPROVAL: Once you've reviewed everything and submitted your final approval, half of the remaining balance on your order is due (or deposit #2) before printing begins, whether it is the balance first agreed upon or whether it is an updated balance according to changes that were made during the proofing process. The final half of the remaining balance (or the remaining 25%) is due once everything is ready for shipping.

  • CHANGING QUANTITY: There are no restrictions on changing the quantities during the proofing process. The final invoice will be updated to reflect this change time. However, after deposit #2, quantity changes must be made within 48 hours. It's always safest to order 10-15% more than what you think you will need. Reprinting invitations requires setting up, getting additional materials, and other things behind the scenes that cost extra fees. You don't want to pay those fees!

  • CANCELLING AFTER APPROVAL: If you choose to cancel your order after you've given your first half of the final deposit, please contact me as soon as possible.

  • RETURNS: Stationery is personalized to each client. Returns and/or exchanges are not accepted due to the inability to re-purpose goods. As with all handmade and handcrafted pieces, variations may occur between each crafted item. Tea Jam Studio cannot guarantee that each item will be exactly identical, but there is a rigorous quality-checking phase to make sure that the quality is to standard. However, if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please contact me immediately so we may be able resolve any issues or concerns.

  • PRINTING ERRORS: If your received product does not match the final proof approved for print, Tea Jam Studio accepts full responsibility and will reprint any and all necessary items free of charge. Tea Jam Studio can't be held accountable for errors or misprints present in the final approved proof. With this in mind, I recommend thoroughly reviewing each proof to ensure all information is presented correctly. Check, then double check, and—if you have time for it—walk away for a cup of tea, then return and check again!

  • COLOR ISSUES: Disputes in regards to color variance between the printed product and the digital proof will not warrant an immediate refund. If you want as close a match as possible to an existing color swatch, please send a swatch to an address provided to you. What you see on the screen is not what you see in print. All screens are calibrated with variances and color appearance can vary slightly from one monitor to the next, and will vary between phones and tablets. If the color dispute is due to incorrect printing of the final approved proof, Tea Jam Studio will reprint any and all necessary items free of charge. If the order was printed correctly as shown in the final approved proof and the color issues are due to dissatisfaction, any and all costs related to replacing needed items will be the sole responsibility of the client. On that note, different printing methods produce different results. If you're using various printing methods in your suite, such as letterpress and flat printing, colors will be matched as closely as possible, but there will inevitably be variances. Ink colors are matched as closely as possible to the corresponding paper swatches using Pantones; however, some variance can still occur due to the complexities of print production. Printing with a full color wash is possible but not always recommended, as there may be variations in the printing. If these cards need to be creased/folded, color of paper may show through. Although it may be more price-wise, it is recommended to use colored paper with white ink or colored ink instead.

  • PAPER ISSUES: Please note that papers have idiosyncrasies. Pulp, color dyes, and other elements may result in slight variations in lots and from card to card or even concentration of dye in small spots from card to card. Tea Jam Studio will do its utmost to make sure that everything looks great during quality checking phases, but not all variances can be avoided.




Every order is thoroughly inspected prior to shipment and packaged in a manner to prevent damage. Even so, damage may still occur while a package is in transit. Any and all costs incurred related to replacing invitation/stationery items will be the responsibility of the client. We recommend purchasing insurance for your order in the event of mishandling. Please see shipping info below:

  • All orders in the continental US orders are shipped via UPS Ground, unless otherwise instructed. Packages will arrive typically within 2-5 business days. Express and overnight shipping are available for an additional cost upon request.

  • Shipping is available to any international destination. On average, international orders will arrive within 7-14 business days, however Tea Jam Studio cannot be held responsible for delays caused by customs processing. Express shipping is available for an additional cost. Please consult your country’s customs and import policies prior to placing your order to ensure you will receive package in time for your event. 

  • Insurance can be purchased for an additional fee to ensure reimbursement for potential damaged, lost or stolen goods. If you choose not to purchase insurance, Tea Jam Studio is not liable for any costs that may be incurred to replace the package.


  • Any and all personal information provided will remain fully confidential. The information you provide is only used to facilitate the completion of your order as well as a satisfactory customer service experience. Tea Jam Studio does not share or sell client information to outside parties that are not directly involved in providing Tea Jam Studio products and services relative to your order. 

  • For marketing purposes, projects will be put on website and on social media after your event has passed. Please inform Tea Jam Studio if you would prefer that your stationery is not on my website, on social media, or in industry magazines.

  • All content and materials on this site, including (but not limited to): text, images, illustrations, designs, photographs, and other materials that appear as part of this site are copyrights, trademarks, and/or other intellectual property owned, controlled or licensed by Tea Jam Studio. You may not redistribute or edit designs that are sent to you. Any printing rights you may receive for your items are for the sole/exclusive purpose of your project and creation of additional items related to said project.

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