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ordering custom invitations

If you're unable to find the right design for your event, you can invest in custom designed invitations. Why is this considered an investment? My time and creativity coupled with your time and vision are used to make something that’s quintessentially you. Choosing this option is perfect if you’re looking to create something unique and something that your guests will fall in love with so they anticipate your special day.


Time, labor, and intense design go into this process as we work together to create a final design that's yours and is a reflection of you. No one else who wants to work with me can reproduce your exact design, so it's an investment for you, as you're able to reuse newly created items throughout the suite—for Save the Dates, Invitations, Day-of Stationery, Thank You Notes, and more!

Below is the process.

1  /  WE TALK

I want to know what your vision is! We’ll discuss colors, design elements you’re drawn to and that you’re not too crazy about, papers, printing methods, and I’ll get the feel of what you want your guests to receive in the mail. You’re welcome to send me pins from Pinterest, pictures, and anything that you think will help—even florals or other décor that you’re thinking of using for your special day, design decks from other vendors you're using, etc.


I send you a mood board with imagery you’ve given me and/or that I’ve gathered through my own research, and I give a brief summary of what you’re looking for. Within the proposal is a set of pricing that aligns with what you’re looking for and also some alternatives options and upgrades/down that may have been discussed. This is made as comprehensively as possible so that during the design process, as you see your suite coming to life, you can either add on or remove some elements, and you’ll overall know what the pricing will entail. If you accept the pricing, then a 50% deposit is required, and from there you're in my production calendar.


This is the creative process, which starts with a timeline of when you can expect things from me and when I can expect your responses. We can go through font studies, and you'll receive a few designs of the invitation first with two additional rounds of changes at no cost. Then, once the invite design is locked down, I send you a couple of designs for the remaining items in the full suite. This will also have two additional rounds at no cost. Any revisions exceeding the complimentary rounds is an additional $30 per hour. Depending on the scope of the designs and project, design and printing might range anywhere from a four-to-twelve-week process, or it can be done faster if you wish to go with rush ordering and rush fees.


We go into production: Once you’re in love with the final design, then a second installment is required to put things into production. This is 25% of the remaining balance, which will reflect any changes that have been made during the designing process. Depending on the printing methods and any additional embellishments, production takes from 1.5 week to 2.5 weeks. This is because I also quality check each item to make sure that it’s to my standards before it arrives to you. During this process, you’re welcome to decide if you would like me to do any portion of assembly for you that isn’t otherwise included. The price for assembly ranges between $1.25 to $3.50 per set depending on complexity. After weighing a sample set and letting you know of the postage, I’ll give you a choice of (1) sending me stamps of your choice, (2) giving you suggestions of stamps and you purchase and ship them to me, or (3) handling the process of sourcing stamps for a small mark-up fee.


If you would like to handle printing services yourself to reduce costs, I can provide final files for you with crop marks. Tea Jam Studio will not be held responsible for the final quality of your prints if you choose this option. If you would like digital files of your final designs so as to send them to guests digitally, I can also provide final files for you.​​


Once everything is ready to be shipped out to you or mailed to your guests, the final balance is due before it goes out my door. You either receive your lovely stationery, or I can do the mailing for you and send you a set for you to hold on to. Either way, your guests will be excited to receive your invitations in the mail!

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